Jim Sherman

VP of Operations


Josh Mosley

Technical Manager

Stephanie Sword

HR Generalist

James Henderson

Technical Trainer 

Jennifer Wilkerson

Administrative Assistant For Montgomery,GA and Huntsville, AL

Katherine Melton

Administrative Assistant For Augusta, Ga and Charleston, SC

Chris Stewart

Administrative Assistant for Columbus, GA and Evansville, IN

Christopher Hughes

Charleston, SC Technical  Supervisor

Tim Littlepage

Evansville, IN Technical Supervisor

Marshall Pemkiewicz

Panama City, FL Technical Supervisor

Brad Middleton

Newnan, GA Technical  Supervisor

Clint Green

Columbus, GA Technical  Supervisor

Scott Jenkins

Columbus, GA Technical  Supervisor

Michael Hancock

Montgomery, AL Technical Supervisor


Bart Norrell

Huntsville, AL Technical Supervisor


Johnny Shelley

Dothan, AL Technical Supervisor


Howard Fiske

Augusta, GA Technical Supervisor